Our Philosophy...

Experienced. Cost-effective. Results-oriented.

It's simple. Advertising must be an extension of

the client's sales effort. All the elements, the

layout, the visuals and the copy should all

contribute to this goal. The advertising has to be

provocative to grab attention. It has to tell a story

that positions a product or service in a way that

makes the most of its strengths. And it must

generate the kind of interest that moves people

to action. Design for design sake misses the

mark (even though it may fulfill the ego).

The account executive has to have in-depth

advertising experience - and know how

businesses work. With the ability to meld these

two to maximize effectiveness. In addition, the

AE must always be aware of what the client's

competition is doing, so recommendations

come from knowledge rather than speculation.

This is how we think.

This is what we do for our clients.

Steven WynnSteven Wynn Communications, Advertising/Public Relations